Erasmus+ KA 107 - 2019 CALL from UPCT

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Dear friends,

Allow me to send again this email with instructions on the Erasmus+ KA107 – 2019 call. I received a call from one of our Professors who was contacted by a student from your University. He is trying to apply for a scholarship but he seems not to find any information on your website.

Just in case my email wasn’t delivered, here it is again:

We hope this email finds you well. We are writing to you today from the International Office at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Technical University of Cartagena in Spain- UPCT) with a new call for staff and student mobilities within the framework of the Erasmus + KA107 program, funded by the European Commission:

This opportunity is brought to us through the project submitted to the European Commission in early 2019, which we were fortunate to get approved, and will enable mobility among Institutions with whom there is an agreement. We thank you for your help provided during our application, and kindly ask you to disseminate this information among colleagues and students at your University

As you already know, through this initiative staff members and students will be able to carry out part of their activities/studies at our Institution, receiving funding from the EU.

Staff mobilities will last 5 days, though they may last longer if needed. However, any additional cost will be the beneficiary’s responsibility.

Students who are accepted in this program will get recognition of the courses chosen at our University upon their return to their Home Institution, and will receive funding for a maximum of 5 months. However, similarly to staff mobilities, they may stay for a longer period if that is their wish in order to complete a whole semester/year; please note that they will have to assume all costs associated to their stay beyond the 5 months set by the program.

Only official degrees can be selected by visiting students. Below you will find a link with our academic offer:

Additionally PhD students granted with the scholarship may stay for a total of 6 months and have the opportunity of participating in a co-tutelle in one of our Departments. This co-tutelle program allows PhD students to obtain a degree from UPCT too.

Below you will find a summary with the total number of available mobilities granted by the EU:









8 x 5 months


2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)

2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)




6 x 5 months


2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)

2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)




6 x 5 months


3 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)

3 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)




8 x 5 months


2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)

2 x 5 days

(+ 2 travel days)



Please note that this is the total number of mobilities and they will be distributed among the participating Institutions. Our aim is to be fair to all participating Institutions and make the most possible balanced distribution, while observing the quality of selected beneficiaries.

Also, it is important to note that all mobilities need to be carried out before 31st July 2021.


IMPORTANT: The selection process and its results must be transparent at all times, and made public at the sending Institution, preferably on their website. For future audits we will need to prove this process was fair and transparent, so please make sure you provide proof in the form of announcements, selection records/minutes from the relevant committee, etc.


Sending Institutions will select their candidates according to the following criteria:

1.            Academic transcript of records and achievement

2.            Motivation Letter

3.            English or Spanish Language Competency (B2 or higher according to the CEFR)

Once done, they will provide the receiving Institution (UPCT) a list of nominated candidates along with the selection record/minutes.

Due to the nature of Undergraduate and Master studies, selected beneficiaries must begin their classes in UPCT on the following periods:

1st Semester: mid September

2nd Semester: mid Februar


Sending Institutions will select their candidates according to the following criteria:

1.              Academic transcript of records and achievement

2.              CV

3.              Motivation Letter

4.              Acceptance Letter from one of our Departments:

5.            English or Spanish Language Competency (B2 or higher according to the CEFR

As opposed to Undergraduate and Master students, it is essential that PhD candidates contact our Departments and get an acceptance letter. In our experience, this leads to a successful experience for both visiting students and researchers.

Due to the nature of PhD studies, selected beneficiaries may begin almost any time during the year. However, it must be noted UPCT will remain closed during the month of August, so they need to plan their stay accordingly and make sure it does not coincide with this period.

Once done, they will provide the receiving Institution a list of candidates along with the selection record/minutes.


Sending Institutions will make a selection process based on the adequacy of the candidate to the target department (relevance of work plan). Therefore, candidates will have to complete the following:

1.                  Staff mobility for Teaching Agreement only for Teaching Mobility

2.                  Staff mobility for Training Agreement only for Training Mobility

3.                  Motivation Letter

Similarly to the case of PhD students, candidates for Staff mobilities need to have previously contacted relevant Departments in UPCT and get accepted in them. And here is some advice: an adequate way to approach Departments is by sending them an already completed Teaching/Training Mobility Agreement with their work proposal.

Something worth noting is the fact that an International Staff Week is organized every year. This is a great opportunity for incoming staff to strengthen our existing relationship, visiting other departments in UPCT, and make new contacts by meeting our EU and non-EU attending partners, while actively participating in our international-oriented activities

Our International Staff Week will take place from June 1st to June 5th 2020. We strongly recommend selected staff members to save this date for their mobilities, as it will be considerably easier for them to be accepted in UPCT.


Since many candidates will need a visa to enter Spain, we have set the following deadlines to make sure they can get their visas long before their arrival.

Deadline for Undergraduate and Master applicants: sending Institutions will send UPCT a list of candidates before 14/02/2020. Students will be able to start their mobility period in September 2020.

Deadline for PhD applications: sending Institutions will send UPCT a list of candidates before  14/02/2020. Students will be able to start their mobility period in September 2020.

Deadline for Staff applications: sending Institutions will send UPCT a list of candidates before  14/02/2020.

Important for staff mobilities: this new call will be specially focused on Internationalization Strategies and Management. Therefore, priority will be given to staff members who participate on the management of international exchange programs in their home Institutions.

Those selected will be invited to our International Staff Week, to be celebrated during the week of June 1st to 5th 2020; as mentioned earlier, this will give them the opportunity to participate in several international-related workshops and seminars where details on the Erasmus KA107 and KA2 programs will be discussed, and suggestions, ideas, and plans for future calls will be proposed (and will be highly appreciated), resulting in the strengthening of our standard procedures that facilitate the carrying out of our shared tasks. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to meet our Partners from within and outside Europe.

Also, we take this opportunity to kindly ask you to renew the Interinstitutional Agreement between, as requested by the EU; according to their rules, we will not be able to move individuals without the completion and signing of this agreement. Attached, you will find the template so that you can fill it in with your details, get it signed, and send it to us as soon as possible.

Further information on the necessary paperwork to complete each selected individual’s registration will be provided upon acceptance in the program.

Attached you will find several attachments, including:

  1. Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) to be completed with your details and signed by your representative at your earliest convenience.

IMPORTANT: IIAs must be signed by both sides before any mobility happens, so we recommend getting them signed as soon as possible.

  1. Staff Mobility Agreement for Teaching Mobilities
  2. Staff Mobility Agreement for Training Mobilities
  3. SELECTION OF CANDIDATES. A summary including the selection criteria, dates of mobility, deadlines for application and documents to be provided, which we hope you find useful.

We hope this email gathers all the necessary information to start promoting this Erasmus+ KA107 call. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know at any time.

We are looking forward to receiving your list of candidates and hosting them!


David Moral Cifuentes

International Office

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)

ELDI – Edificio Este – 3ª Planta – Sala E 3.1

Calle del Ángel, 32

30202 CARTAGENA (Murcia)

Teléfono +34 868 07 1001


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